“I’m gonna party like a rock star tonight…”

Clothes make the man, overwhelmed in the unnoticed details of quirk and character, across page after page of play. There’s a wizard who knows you, there’s a scroll with the answer, but they are missing. Who all these people are, what they are doing here: none of that matters, so singular the focus as possessions are strewn in location after location, down every alley, within every room, past closed doors, amid every chaos, while that one face seen everywhere and nowhere is sought.

“…Go on / Playing my guitar / Shining like a star…”

If we would but find ourselves, we would recognize where we are.

“…Make you scream my name / Rock the stage / Ain’t no shame in my game…”

I am Waldo.

“…I wanna be a rock star tonight…”

Here I am.