Have you eaten dinner yet?
No, but…
Okay, from your apartment, turn right on N. Broadway Ave. Then go to Aldine…
I’m not at my apartment. I’m at a sketch writing session.
Okay, well, when you’re done, you need to go there, because there’s an amazing pizza I just ate called Homemade Pizza Co., and they have locations in Chicago.
Yeah, they’re a chain, I walk by that place all the time, and there’s another a block away from here, that I was literally at for the first time less than an hour ago.
How was it?
I don’t know. See, I had just come from work and I was looking for a quick slice of pizza before sketch writing, so I was like, hm, let’s try Homemade Pizza, and I bought a small without realizing until after purchasing that their gimmick was that it was uncooked, and I couldn’t walk into someone’s home and ask, hey can, I borrow you oven to make a pizza to not share with you. I have too much food shame.
Well, hold on to and eat it later.
They only had transparent bags, and I didn’t have anything to put it in. But I realized how cold it was outside. So I geocached it a block away, and didn’t tell anyone, intending to retrieve it when I leave- but then you call with street instructions to get Homemade Pizza Co. pizza.

Unspeakably awesome.