h2g2 had the potential to be awful and was not as bad as I was cynically expecting. My worries about Marvin were unfounded, and the tone was mostly kept, albeit with reduced cleverness. As an admitted Fenchurch shipper, I’ve got to admit that I could have done without the romantic overtones.

It’s just as well the Thursday show I would have tried to see had I known about it turned out the be sold out. Although I did so want to be wearing a bathrobe.


Tonight Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy opens.
However, tonight is also WILD.
However, tonight it’s forecast to rain. And I missed last semester’s WILD and turned out perfectly fine.
However, I doubt I could find any others who would be willing and able to do likewise.


Venn Diagram Defense
Let A be the set of food made unkosher by normal kosher laws.
Let B be the set of food made unkosher by Passover laws.
Let x be pepperoni matzah pizza.
So although x is in A, it is not in B QED.

If Moses were alive, he would probably beat me with a stick, but pepperoni matzah pizza is too good.


Will autograph today’s Studlife [p.7] for an enchil… er… pesky Passover…

Prices fluctuated wildly last month as the effects of Taco Bell’s imminent departure were wreaking havoc upon the Mexican food market in the Washington University marketplace.

Danny is a freshman in Arts & Sciences and will miss his sweatshop-produced tomatoes. He can be reached via e-mail at dbravman@wustl[].


Finally got my cheese slicer, at Schnucks of all places. Apparently the technical term for that style is a “cheese plane”. No idea why Target won’t carry them.


Next year in Shanedling. For while I do love Umrath so dearly, its appliances atrociously suck.

[I promised the team they’d get a new cell phone if they decided where they’re going to college... And they decided where they’re going to college... So they’re getting a new cell phone...

Next year in St. Louis!]


Seder preparations. Will be tonight at 7pm in one of the Umrath study rooms.

[The Seder, not the preparations. <grumble> Having to prepare lamb stew in Ruby.]


If anyone has any good ideas for 1 1/2 lbs of lamb and ~12 people, let me know.
Or if anyone has a crockpot.
This is going to be interesting.


Maybe StudLife’s op-ed submissions actually are perfectly representative of mainstream journalism.


“If you were a nuclear power plant, what would your favorite food be?”
Microwave pizza

“What are you more afraid of, getting hit by an emu or a nuclear meltdown (a la Chernobyl)?”
I am more afraid of being hit by a nuclear meltdown

“Do you think a shift to nuclear energy would bring about a proliferation of Mr. Burns's?”
No, for grammatical reasons (possessive; asks about the proliferation of some object of Mr. Burns)

“On a scale from Bob Dole without the Viagra to being in a manatee-dugong sandwich (with pre-Viagra Bob Dole being the lowest), how nervous would you be about living near a nuclear reactor?”
Approximately eating a corndog with a free side salad

“True or false: The US should destroy all of its nuclear weapons. Explain why in between 12 and 13 words, or we will eat your children.”
True; because the US should also destroy every other country's nuclear weaponry


Suspicious of Whistlers
8pm tonight

If you're reading this I expect you there.

[Thanks for the attendance! You guys are still awesome!]


“Cardinal Ratsinger dicet amat magna mater ecclesia, sed qui veritas est? Eram prognatus in Germania, ut eram Martin Luther. Validus templum est alius Reformation superstes per a sausages eating bastard?"
"Ego Cardinal Arinze et ego probatus is nuntius.”

Naturally the segment began with an ablative absolute: “With the Pope lain to rest...”

Yay Gumwrapper. [Sorry, Bark wasn’t punchy enough.]


schwamm be gone :(


Shandeling 12. Could have been much worse.


Cell phone working again. At least temporarily, no thanks to Cingular.




Feeling better, back in my dorm. Cell phone is effectively dead, so use my room phone (5-1392).

Thanks for all the care- you guys are awesome.


If anyone has one of those forehead thermometers, come to U102


Sleeping Beauty become a pumpkin. Time to tell a make-believe story about a showing of Into the Woods.


“We are leaving EARLY FRIDAY MORNING. I forget exactly what time, but we'll say it on Thursday. A[], we will take a chainsaw to your door to get you out of bed if we need to.”

Texas Chainsaw Aperture




If a girl is waiting for me outside Ursa's, I can hit Bear's Den in under 2 minutes.

1:58:57, to be exact, but I'm positive I can improve on that.


I offer without support that Rodriguez was likely frustrated by a text he was required to study in college, and this is an ironic attempt to have his audience empathize with him.


o TROGDOR o kaiomenoV

To begin, draw a sigma, for snake... er, drakwn, whatever. Next, we’ll draw a more different sigma.

“Trogdor was a man... I mean, he was a dragon-man... er, maybe he was just a dragon...”


<== You must be this tall to date C[]

The package is in the mailbox

“There’s no glossary?"
Yep. That’s what we just discovered this morning.
<professor enters>
“So it’s just as well I didn’t buy the book.”

“Someone wrote ‘Lectures are boring but at least Prof. G[] seems to be enjoying himself.’”

“This is like my personal belief in God, but I don’t believe the author sat down and was like, ‘I’m going to emphasize fs in this paragraph.’.”

“I wonder if the copyright logo is copyrighted. (c)(c)”

“What’s Brownesque about this?”

It sounds like a euphemism, like for chatting: ‘My brother and I were shooting the cat...’


I had several opportunities to make several rather tasteless remarks about Terry Schiavo, but, probably for the best, didn’t.

Does anyone have brilliant April Fool’s ideas which don’t involve having the humor-impaired campus newspaper suffer thousands in damages?

If not, the usual...
A fireman carrying a screwdriver runs into an elementary school classroom and says, “Listen very carefully, children... This is not a drill.”