I would like to call my next witness: the deity Saturn.
I am right, Cat is wrong, and Wednesday is Saturday.
I'd like to think I had a chance of at least not losing that argument, even if I couldn't have won it.


For some reason suicidal bunnies seemed morbidly appropriate for Memorial Day at Wash U. [I expect in the morning there to be a great chance that I decide that this is very wrong.]


Taking the 9.


Mostly settled into my sublet; contact information updated. No landline, meaning I'll need to expand my cell phone plan. Mail should be forwarded, but *NO PACKAGES* over the summer. (If you need to send me something, call me before sending and I'll try to work it out.) Travel schedule mostly indeterminate, though I will be back in Maryland next weekend. Devastatingly delayed e-mail correspondences should finally be remembered this weekend. If anyone's found a beige laundry bag or any other scattered tidbit I've inadvertently left strewn across St. Louis, let me know.


“If more than 3 women live in a brothel, it is considered a whorehouse.”
This is not an urban legend.


Fargona forelorna.
Cat, California-bred,
Trying somehow to make
Summer plans (work):

Joys seek out: Summertime
Need be no bummer; I’m
Missing you (smirk).


Apples to Apples is technically won by obtaining 5 green apple cards, but it is effectively won by obtaining the green apple card “Touchy-Feely” by submitting the red apple card “Helen Keller”.


Episode 3 neatly filled the hole between 2 and 4, but I’m not yet prepared to make a declaration on relative quality; 3 and 4 in particular feel difficult to compare. I do hope that my hypothesized “when all is said and done, the ep.s will run from worst to best” is fulfilled, if only to provide an artistic excuse for 1 and 2 being so bad. I do think that there’s a continuity mistake, as in Episode 6 Leia admitted she remembered her mother. For who, forgive me, because of either from the writing or the acting ability, I wasn’t feeling it from Natalie Portman, to the point where I need to apologize about it.


It's the day before break begins, it's the day before dorms close. Most people have already left. There's nothing left that you must do. So, when late evening gives way to night, what will you do? Sleep? Why, when there's so much you won't be able to do tomorrow:

* Chat about nothing in the halls and lounges of various dorms.
* Investigate the resilience of exit signs.
* Listen to all the bands starting with 'A' on your playlist.
* Search for those mysterious tunnels.
* Walk to Steak 'n Shake. And back.
* Movie.
* Cards.
* Burn through the remaining alcohol and meal points.
* Watch the sunrise.

You can sleep on the plane.
You're having fun tonight.


Somehow college is 1/4 finished, but there’s so much I need to do:

Spend ~60 points
Seek the tunnels
Hearts rematch
Bear’s Den French Fries
See the final dawn
Taco Bell
Write the Orbit Gum girl
[and other things I’d never dreamed of]

(Maybe pack, perhaps.)


Still no keyboard, but I borrowed one to type this, so no need to appreciate how hard it was to put this one up. Used the extra time to make smores in JKL courtyard and to tour next year’s dorm.

[Keyboard has arrived. Yay HP!]


Still no keyboard, but it’s a reason to go outside and climb a tree.

Game 3 of online mafia was Les Miserables themed, in which for April Fool’s Day I pretended to claim Thenardier. Unfortunately, the other players ignored my actual claim of Valjean and used illogic and humorlessness to lynch me Day 1. What made it worse was that I happened to be Thenardier. Still, a wily Thernardiess managed to kill of the others and secure my first antitown victory.

“Watch the buggers dance /
Watch 'em till they drop / Keep your wits about you / And you stand on top!”


Still no keyboard, but it’s a reason to go outside and get some fresh air. Besides, I needed an excuse to play frisbee in my socks.


Still no keyboard, but a new one is en route. Appreciate how hard it was to put up this Away Message meanwhile.

Rape whistles come with 4 pages of instructions- and not merely just put your lips together and blow.


Still no keyboard, still appreciate how hard it was to put up this Away Message.

If you’re reading this you should be seeing the free final performance of Suspicious of Whistlers tonight at 8pm in the Gargoyle.


No keyboard. It best be appreciated how hard it was to put up this Away Message, much less finish my EComp paper. Moral of the story: Don’t drink limeade; if you do, don’t spill it. As for other events keeping me from necessary studying, who knew giving away free pizza could be so hard?


A funny thing happened on the way to Midnight Brunch. Though I’d rather have the source code for DREs open than Center Court.


First meeting as WUAT [link horrendously out-of-date] Secretary (having successfully recast the board position from “PR Director”). A promotion from Member-at-Large, which I was after I got myself retroactively elected about a half-hour before the term ended.


Don’t knock knocking it before you’ve tried it before you’ve tried it.


The acting in Clerks is as bad as the scriptwriting is good.

(And for the record, Return of the Jedi. Will explain sometime after 5/19.)