“If you were a nuclear power plant, what would your favorite food be?”
Microwave pizza

“What are you more afraid of, getting hit by an emu or a nuclear meltdown (a la Chernobyl)?”
I am more afraid of being hit by a nuclear meltdown

“Do you think a shift to nuclear energy would bring about a proliferation of Mr. Burns's?”
No, for grammatical reasons (possessive; asks about the proliferation of some object of Mr. Burns)

“On a scale from Bob Dole without the Viagra to being in a manatee-dugong sandwich (with pre-Viagra Bob Dole being the lowest), how nervous would you be about living near a nuclear reactor?”
Approximately eating a corndog with a free side salad

“True or false: The US should destroy all of its nuclear weapons. Explain why in between 12 and 13 words, or we will eat your children.”
True; because the US should also destroy every other country's nuclear weaponry