A triple in this week’s Style Invitational! My unprinted entries included a couple of extremely obscure facts I was not surprised to have rejected, a version of the classic cereal killer pun, and the MacGuyer WMD boxcutter joke. However, I am most disappointed about fallacious googlewhacking: Submitting a two-word phrase with zero hits to a googlewhack contest so that the phrase becomes a googlewhack after it is printed as a contest winner; also known as competitio principii., since I won’t be able to submit competitio principii to the end of the year SI. (Ignoring the various listings of the phrase on this page.)

“Head, shoulders, knees…” Potential dehydration and poison ivy have to be forgotten after a misstep at Great Falls leaves me with a nice collection of abrasions and without a few seconds of consciousness.

Vanessa steps into extra memory, however.