You will be told if and when you are awkward; until then, put away your prism.

Okay.  I’m going to make a pact with you right now.  We both need to change our voicemails to not the automated one.  Because I’ve been meaning to do it forever, and I imagine you have been too.  And I just remembered, hearing yours, that it’s something I need to do.  So in the case that that’s your situation also, remember to change your voicemail. 

I’m going to miss not having this in my pocket. 

Why in English does it matter to distinguish between whether you’re coming or leaving.  You know?  There are languages that don’t do that.  Ciao, I think- oh maybe you just say that when you’re leaving.  Aloha you say both ways, shalom you say, you know, in greeting and in leaving.  Why, in English, is it so important whether you’re beginning a conversation or ending one?  Um.  Which leads me to wonder, since we both are good writers but can’t really, like, believe that in ourselves or the world, and we’re both good editors, which we kind of know- why don’t we ever write a book, together.  Just an idea.  Um.  We also have similar interests.  Um.  Anyway.  I am glad you didn’t pick up, because it means you’re asleep and I know you needed to sleep.  So I hope you are sleeping well and I will talk to you later.  Bye.

Prism is wrong, I think. More like, awkward-co​lored cellophane​.