“How do cities understand...”

On the rooftop park 3 stories up Lake Point Tower, I sit at the dawn of dark ages, on earth in air along water.  In the Tribune Tower, in the Poetry Foundation I wander and read.

“...We drink our wine and wonder why we’re really here...”

A lot has changed in this hiatus. A lot hasn’t.

“...What’s the point of even asking...”

AIM, where I had dwelt so long is gone, long gone. For now, I use a blog crossposted to facebook. I do not presume an audience. I do not know what medium I am in; I do not know where I should be. Whatever aim I had when I started writing my away messages is gone, long gone.

“...We take the good and bad and make the best of it...”

Wherever I am, let me write: for that is how I grow.

“...All these buildings and mountains / Slowly they arise...”