Midnight bacon is an amazing thing; but now for 2 reasons.

“Ok, I followed the instructions, but now my bacon is trapped within the microwave. Am I supposed to remove it? If so, how? Please help.”

“My only criticism is that it's too bad its a late night recipe only, my children have to be in bed early so they won't be ever able to try it. :( Please post one for early morning bacon. Thanks!”

“This recipe looks great! Could you please add the instructions on how to switch the oven on and off.”

“You didn't specify which brand of paper towel”

“Do you have any recipes for cereal? The kind in a box? I really like cereal, but it seems tricky- milk first? cereal? big spoon? little spoon?”

“Sounds yummy, but I'm a vegetarian. Do you have a way to make this without meat?”

“I've just realized I let the bacon overlap a bit on the center of the plate and my microwave has already been going for 2 1/2 minutes”