“You can see in your eyes / That you stop believing…”

Ah, to be in the decline of the late Cold War again, when the horizons were watched with fear and hope; when why mattered less than what; when the Russian sleeper agents in our neighborhoods could simply be assumed; and life would just go on.

“…And you go on day-to-day / While your heart just fades away…”

Governments treated captured spies like children at playground games; instead of youths having to navigate geopolitical and socioeconomic paradigms just to get through the day.

“…It’s much too revealing / You can talk your way out / But you can’t fight the feeling…”

This decade is neither a time of hope nor of ignorance. Once complacency was all that was foreign; now inevitability is.

“…That you’re fooling yourself to be here and not belong…”

Listen up, comrades: you might learn something.

“…There’s just no way out…”