"I don't understand what I'm doing here in the first place! I'm not a writer, I'm a monkey!"
"Would you mind if I sit here till he or she or it comes?"
"A mountain-climber's axe! A mountain-climber's axe! CAN'T I GET THAT THROUGH YOUR SKULL?"
"Corngranulations. Ya kooch di anda. Epp! Viola-dimir da zamplification forum. / Well I'm not sure I'm ready to apply just yet..."
"I go up to the counter, the guy says what can I do for you, I say, Give me a bottle of aspirin. The guy gives me this funny look and he says, 'Oh, we don't have that, sir.'"
"Isn't that / Think it is / Yes I need / Help you sir / Isn't that / Think it is / Yes I need / Help you sir"

All in the timing.

"You can always throw in a few jokes later on. You gotta get the throughline first."
"I like to think of myself as a citizen of the universe. / (Bell.)"
"It gives you a little hope about the world, doesn't it? That a man could have a mountain-climber's axe smashed into his skull, and yet live on for one whole day?"
"Okay, maybe we speak the same language, but it's nonsense!"
"Because in a Philadelphia, no matter what you ask for, you can't get it. You ask for something, they're not going to have it. You want to do something, it ain't going to get done. You want to go somewhere, you can't get there from here."
"Just a moment / It's time / Please / Let's go / Just a moment / It's time / Please / Let's go"